Many of our clients have specific questions about our nail spa services.


What procedures do you practice to ensure that I am not exposed to any fungal/bacterial infections?

We use files, buffers and pedicure bowl liners that are disposed of after each client. We also disinfect all non-disposable tools in hospital grade disinfectant between each client.

Why is your price similar to a traditional salon?

We pride our service on quality and not quantity. Our nail technicians are selected few to operate on their own in a salon suite.

Do you accept a walk-in?

Appointments recommended but we do take walk-ins. We dedicated a certain amount of time for each client, so we can focus on quality nail service.

Can I buy gift cards?

Sassy Nails offer gift cards in any amount you’ve desired. Each gift card can only be redeem at a Sassy Nails location and good for 12 months from the time of purchased.

Are your nail technicians licensed?

All of our nail technicians are trained and licensed by the board of cosmetology from the state.

Why do I need to pay a $25 deposit for scheduling?

Due time availability for each technician, we need your commitment for that booking slot. The deposit will be credited to your payment after serviced.

Why is the deposit non-refundable?

When you book an appointment with Sassy Nails, the nail technician assigned to you makes you his/her top priority. What this means is they do not accept any other appointment request on or around your scheduled time. It is very possible that your nail technicians will have to turn down other clients as your appointment draws near so the deposit is to ensure that they will still receive some sort of compensation should you cancel.

How do I file a complaint If I am not happy about the service?

Satisfaction is our #1 priority. We want you to come back and refer friends and this is how we can stay in business. However, if you can’t resolve with your nail technician, please call us or submit a form and we’ll take care of it within 24 hour.

What is Sassy Nails Reward program?

Sassy Nails Reward is a point program giving to our customers for their businesses. After you have reach certain points, you can use it toward a free service of your choice. Points are non-transferable and will expire after 24 months.

$1 = 10 points

Note: Sassy Nails Reward can be cancel without prior notice and all points balance deemed worthless.